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  • Managing Up
    with Crystal Spraggins and Tim Muma - October 16, 2013
    The relationship between management and employees has the potential to be beneficial for everyone, giving employees a chance to use their skills and personality to the fullest extent. Crystal Spraggins joins Tim Muma to explain what it means to manage up, how employees actually utilize this strategy, and in which ways everybody can "win."
  • Employees Speaking Up
    with Crystal Spraggins and Tim Muma - October 13, 2013
    Transparency and "open book management" are terms that try to describe a more open place of work. However, when it comes to voicing opinions and speaking up, many employees still may feel uneasy about expressing themselves to management - particularly if they have differing views. Crystal Spraggins joins us to discuss the facets of employees speaking up and the impact it may have - positively or negatively - on the whole or...