What to Include on a Resume for Retail
Dear Deb:

Is it necessary to bring a resume for a job at a retail shop in the mall? What would it say? I have only worked at an Italian ice cart at a local amusement park and also some intermittent work as a catering server. It might make me look silly to show that and a high school diploma plus two years of college. What’s your advice?

Thank you,


Dear Lauren:

Yes, I would recommend a resume. In your case, a resume can position you as a professional and serious candidate worthy of consideration. I am sure that you gained valuable skills in your two jobs. Firstly, you enhanced your interpersonal and customer service skills. You may have handled cash transactions, tracked inventory, and learned about product offerings. Make note of those skills and any accomplishments on your resume. Accomplishments may include things like reaching sales goals, improving a process, receiving praise from a customer, or earning an award. Don’t forget about your academic successes as well as involvement in clubs and charities. Before you know it, you will have a page-long resume full of impressive things to share.

Wishing you all the best!