Ten Things You Should Never Do In A Job Interview
Ten Things You Should Never Do In A Job Interview
I devote much of my writing to advising my readers on what they should be doing in their job search, but today, I’m going to tell you what you should avoid. This is a partial list, and in no particular order, but a good starting point.
  1. Take a phone interview while you are driving. This is a bad idea for many reasons, not the least of which that it diverts your attention, both from the road, and from the conversation at hand. Pull over and focus.
  2. I know sometimes it can’t be helped, but crying in an interview is not going to convey the message that you are a strong candidate.
  3. Answer your phone or text. This is self-explanatory. Turn your phone off before going into the interview so that your attention will be on the interviewer.
  4. Provide too much personal information. You can let your humanity show through in a professional manner. You needn’t discuss your spouse, your children, or your dog’s current medication regimen with your interviewer.
  5. Speak negatively about your current employer. Do this and it will come off as sour grapes at best, and at worst, it will say that you lack critical judgment. Always be complimentary about past and current roles.
  6. I admit that I’ve never heard of an interviewee doing this, but I have heard numerous reports of interviewers dropping F-bombs and the like. No one should be using that type of language in an interview. Keep it clean.
  7. Provide rambling, incoherent answers to questions. Answer questions directly, succinctly, and with a positive spin.
  8. Show up looking unkempt. Comb your hair, shine your shoes, and look as professionally presentable as you can. It’s not a fashion show, but we are judged on our appearance, so be sure you are neat, clean, and appropriate.
  9. Fail to make eye contact. Body language is even more important than spoken language. Failure to make eye contact says that you are not trustworthy, and makes the other person wonder if you’re hiding something.
  10. Be arrogant. Don’t assume that you’ve got the job in the bag because of your qualifications. A bit of humility is necessary. You don’t want to work with an arrogant jerk, and neither does anyone else.
Above all, practice your answers to commonly asked interview questions, know your resume cold, be able to give examples of your work, and be confident!