Tap Your Inner PR Agent for Career Success
Tap Your Inner PR Agent for Career Success
Even though I count on my amazing Publicist, Stacey J. Miller’s expertise to promote my book, I still consider one of my most important tasks to be self promotion. I am always packing books, business cards, portfolios, and compelling stories about what I do and why it is valuable to potential clients, speakers bureaus, or organizations. I would miss out on so many new opportunities if I did not take on the responsibility to self promote.

Yet so many women I meet talk about humility and their discomfort in talking about their own accomplishments or their services, products, or abilities. I’m here to tell you that silence can be a career killer – you must learn to feel comfortable talking about yourself if you want to get ahead.

I encourage you to develop your personal press release so you have a conversational story at-the-ready to share when someone asks what are you working on? If you decline the chance to sing your own praises when someone asks, you may miss out on a terrific new break.

My humble confidence philosophy rings true in this scenario as nobody likes an obnoxious bragger. But you can strut your professional stuff and still hold your head high if you do it in a way that is palatable and appealing.

Be sure to talk about your accomplishments in the workplace beyond your immediate department or division. Good news doesn’t always travel upward and the powers that be rarely hear what’s happening in the ranks. Don’t wait for scheduled performance reviews either – be seen and heard regularly so the company higher ups can identify talented players.

Articulate your goals and aim high when given the chance to tell your story to those in-the-know. It may be challenging to take on your own public relations campaign but it will get easier with practice. In this competitive career world, being your own PR agent is not an option but a necessity. Step out of your comfort zone and focus on results. You have the power to create your own career destiny if you are willing to broadcast your own message.