Job Action Day: New Twist On Your Job Search
Are you diligently performing your job search the same way you did ten years ago but not getting positive results? It’s Job Action Day! What does this mean? Well, it means that it is time for you to reinvigorate your job search. We’re focusing on the unique value and needs of the age 50+ job seeker. Is that you? Let’s add a new twist to your job search! The following are three “new twists” that you can adopt today.

The Old Standard: Focusing on Job Postings

Job postings are one piece of your job search. However, if that is your primary source for leads, you do not see the whole picture.

The New Twist: Robust Multi-Faceted Search

You’ve got to work your search in many ways, including cold calling, social media, recruiters, job boards, and most importantly, networking. A robust search increases your visibility and expedites the job search. For many candidates, it is networking (online and in the real world) that opens the most doors.

The Old Standard: Playing the Waiting Game

Submitting your resumes to recruiters and playing the waiting game is so yesterday. While you wait, opportunities are slipping through your fingers. Working with recruiters is an important element in your job search strategy. However, you simply can’t afford to wait passively for a recruiter’s response.

The New Twist: 24/7 Presence

Take charge of the situation. Play a new game. In the new game, you keep your campaign active 24/7 by developing and continuously managing your online presence. The core of your online presence is your LinkedIn profile page. Your page must be compelling, complete, loaded with keywords, and include an attractive headshot. Keep your profile “public” so you can be found. Stay active with posts and interact with groups and connections.

The Old Standard: Stamp and Mail

Sending a resume via standard US mail is a good idea particularly because all people receive these days is junk mail, and this is a good way to help you set yourself apart from the competition. However, you also need to send your resume digitally. Use the method requested by the hiring employer to avoid jeopardizing your search.

The New Twist: Digital Transmission

Hiring employers and recruiters prefer digital resumes so they can easily upload the resume into their database or ATS (Applicant Tracking System). This allows the company to efficiently scan your resume and determine if you are a fit. Be careful to use a format suitable for ATS. Become proficient in the methods to upload, copy-and-paste, or attach your resume. You can’t get along in today’s working world without these skills.

We are excited to be a part of Job Action Day again in 2015. We hope you take this opportunity to modernize and energize your job search campaign. Here’s wishing you all the best in your career!