It's No Longer "Job Hopping"
It's No Longer "Job Hopping"
It is no secret that the employee/employer relationship has radically changed over the last three decades. Gone are the days of remaining with one employer for your entire career. That has been replaced by the reality of quarterly layoffs, and cuts in pay and benefits. I’ve previously discussed why you need to reframe your thinking and stop seeing yourself as an employee. Instead, you need to be the CEO of your own career. You cannot rely upon your employer to map out your career; you need to take charge of it.

Until recently, employers would look askance at a resume that was peppered with several short-term stints. They would wonder what was wrong with the applicant that she couldn’t stick it out at one employer for a lengthy tenure. That is no longer the case, and that is a good thing. As Millennials continue to dominate the workplace demographic, the average tenure with one employer has now been shortened to 3 years. I know that many of you might be uncomfortable with this new way of thinking about your career, so here are four of the major benefits of switching up your employer every few years:

Diversity of Experience. When you change jobs frequently, you are able to diversify your experience across industries and culture. This enables you to bring fresh, new ideas to your next employer. Employers like that.
Widen your network. Working with different companies exposes you to more people. That grows your network, and makes you a more valuable commodity in the job market.

More money. Your current company probably awards annual increases of up to 4%, even for top performers. By switching jobs and companies, you can potentially increase your compensation package by 50%.

Find the right fit. You are able to shop around, and to experience different company cultures. This can help you assess what, in terms of culture, is important to you. Do you want a culture that is nurturing and parental? Or one which is opportunistic and fast paced? Maybe you thrive best in a culture that truly embraces open, honest communication. The only way to suss out a company’s culture is to live it.

If you switch jobs for the right reasons, and you maintain healthy relationships with your previous employers, you will be seen as the flexible, resourceful candidate that you are!