Is Everyone Instinctively Competitive?
Meet Beau and Titan, the visiting Newfoundland puppies who come to be socialized with Teddy, our German Shepherd. Beau and Titan belong to Lee, a friend of my sons, and his dad. Titan is Lee’s and Beau is his dad’s puppy.

At 10 weeks old, they compete to get the same toys. Even when I give them identical toys, they fight to get the one the other one has. Lee insists that Titan is the alpha male but I see Beau (red collar) show his leadership roles too.

Whether you admit it or not, there is a streak of competitiveness is most people, especially if they are trying to be successful in their career or business.

Competitiveness comes out in multiple aspect of our lives.

Whether it is the backyard basketball game or other sporting activity, you will find people who are driven to succeed and reach their goals.

For me, I do everything better if I even create a real or even imaginary competition with another person or even myself.

In 2007, I was very successful in getting physically fit because I had a friend who was on the same mission.

It didn’t matter who lost the most weight but I wanted to be able to say I made progress and so I kept walking and exercising and finding creative ways to motivate me. A constant battle for most people, staying healthy and fit is a lifelong goal and little competitions keep me going.

I compete with myself to get projects completed, setting little goals and feeling a victory when I achieve them. I work with many clients in the sales field and they too are motivated by competitions. Some bask in winning the title of their region while others relish a reward trip to Jamaica or Hawaii and work extra hard to get there.

Healthy Competitions

For a job seeker to be successful in their search, they need to incorporate some competitiveness in their search. Kimba Green and Jonathan Krass had a #hireher / #hirehim competition going around the time I wrote about their social media job searches. The twin posts that were launched on the same day are still two of my most popular posts.

If you set little goals for your self as a job seeker, you can build upon your success.
Jason Alba’s JibberJobber is built on the principal of tracking and goal setting in your job search. Jason is as competitive as I am when it comes to setting personal or business goals. He’s got a goal of walking 500 miles this year and is making great progress. You can see him list his progress on Twitter.

What are your goals as a job seeker? and do you think running little competitions will help you reach your goals?