Be Seen at Work: 7 Tips for Getting Noticed
Be Seen at Work: 7 Tips for Getting Noticed

Through my coaching practice and travels, I’ve met a number of women who’ve shared that they prefer to avoid the spotlight at work. When I’ve inquired as to why, some say they don’t want to seem like they’re “playing the political game,” or coming across as “too pushy.” Others say they don’t want to be perceived as “tooting their own horn.” Some women I meet believe that being “low-key” at work is somehow a more “honorable” way to roll.

Hanging back at the start of a new job as you learn the culture and get the lay of the land is understandable, however, purposely trying to avoid notice could ultimately be detrimental. “Flying under the radar” on the job, could lead to:

Isolation. If you’re not stepping forward to become an active part of the team – interacting and networking with others – you probably won’t be learning as much as you could be in your job.

Missed Opportunities.  That lack of interconnection, knowledge and experience can mean missing out on more exciting/ challenging projects.

Limited Growth. Keeping a low profile could mean that management is unaware of your value/ accomplishments which could, in-turn, mean being passed over for raises or promotions, or worse, being laid off.

The sooner you can stand out for your positive contributions, the better. Here are 7 ways to get noticed on the job:

  1. Be Consistent in Attendance and Productivity:  Punctuality, good time-management skills, and nose-to-the-grindstone focus are key.

  2. Desire Self-Improvement:  Demonstrate a natural curiosity and an interest in continually learning and stretching beyond past performance.

  3. Take Ownership:  Follow-through on projects from start to finish – putting in the extra hours when needed to ensure that projects are done right.

  4. Build Strong Professional Relationships:  It goes without saying that building solid relationships with those you work with is key. The more you can associate with top performers in your organization to learn and up your game the higher your visibility. Being noticed for your work helps you connect with others who can help you gain even more experience and knowledge.

  5. Expand Your Role:  Pushing out “beyond the box” of your job description and wearing more than one hat can make you more top-of-mind when it comes to being assigned new projects. This can open up opportunities for professional growth and the ability to do effective, more valuable work. Stretching yourself beyond expectations can also be a benefit when it comes time for raises and promotions.

  6. Generate New Ideas:  Coming up with new products, campaigns or ways to streamline systems already in place can add value to your organization, and, in turn, make you more valuable to management.

  7. Find New Ways to Save or Generate Revenue:  Finding ways to cut costs or generate increased revenue for your company is another way to get noticed by higher-ups. It sends a clear signal to your employer that you’re looking out for the company and the company’s future.

If you’re feeling that it’s more honorable to fade into the background at work, I encourage you to kick that notion to the curb! You’re hopefully in your job to make a positive difference, so step out with humble confidence. Attracting positive attention at work can lead to greater job satisfaction and job security, not to mention long-term career success – so, by all means, let your light shine on the job, and get noticed!