A 2-Minute Attitude Adjustment
Admittedly, there are times when the stress at work makes you want to tear your hair out or at least close your door and scream in the privacy of your own work space. So, when life gets complicated at work and you need an attitude adjustment or a breather to re-create a positive frame of mind, consider some of these quick fixes from Dr. Kathleen Hall from Pink Magazine.

•Breathe Consciously. Concentrate on your breath and inhale and exhale on a count of four. A couple of deep inhales and exhales will help you focus, stimulate your mind, and ease your tension on the spot.

•Put a vase of flowers on your desk. A Harvard Medical School study showed that people behave more compassionately, have less worry, and feel less depressed when fresh flowers are present. Perhaps this is the ultimate aroma therapy so literally stop and smell your roses and treat yourself to some fresh blooms every now and again.

•Laugh. Studies show that laughter increases blood flow and relieves mental stress. So induce a deep belly laugh with a good joke, a funny story, or by connecting with someone who brings you joy for a quick pick me up.

•Show gratitude. Write a note to someone who made a difference in your life. Research has found that individuals who report a high level of gratitude and optimism are healthier. Besides, it might encourage those you are thanking to pay-it-forward and show their appreciation for others.

•Forgive somebody. Anger has long been associated with elevated blood pressure especially if the feeling is frequent and enduring. Let it go and forgive the person you are angry with – even if you just release them in your own mind. The mental clarity will allow more room for joyous emotions, plus it’s good for your heart.

•Encourage yourself. Giving yourself positive messages combats negative self talk and boosts confidence. Our thoughts and emotions release powerful chemicals in our bodies that affect our mental, physical, and spiritual health and well-being. If you are in control of your personal affirmations you can self program positive messages that will have a healthy result.

Save these quick fixes so you can have them accessible when you need them the most! A mental change can happen in as little as 2 minutes!