9 Secrets to Great Teamwork
9 Secrets to Great Teamwork
Robyn Odegaard founded her business, Champion Performance Development and is committed to teaching individuals how to better communicate and resolve conflict on teams.

While her target audience is college aged women in sports, her message and strategies are applicable to us all. Check out Doc Robyn’s nine secrets to great teamwork for some priceless wisdom.
  1. Set expectations – You cannot expect someone to meet your needs or the needs of the team if you never tell them what those needs are.
  2. Hold each other accountable – If someone isn’t pulling their weight ask them what you can do to help them step-up to the responsibilities.
  3. Support each other (Check-in) – Know what each of your teammates looks like when she is stressed and how she likes to be supported. If you are not getting what you need from your teammates – ASK!
  4. Care enough to give the tough feedback. Trust each other enough to apply it.
  5. You cannot observe how someone is feeling. Only the external symptoms of feelings can be observed. Your interpretations of those symptoms might be wrong.
  6. It is impossible to observe why – You can see what someone does and how they do it, but never why. To know why they have to tell you. Never just make up why.
  7. Play brave not afraid – trying and failing is better than doing nothing.
  8. Never evaluate during competition – Adjust and move on. Stay in the moment. Perform when you are performing and save evaluation for after the game when you can do something about it.
  9. Celebrate and remember successes. Learn from and move past disappointments.