5 Clear Signs You Deserve a Promotion
It is very important that you know when it is time for a promotion. And for that, you need to evaluate your own skills and previous track records. You may have complete command over work and love your current job but there comes a time when you start feeling bored working at it and feel ready for the next challenge. All you need is to be careful about the timing; the time should not be too early or too late. You cannot wait forever for your time to come so you really need to hit when the iron is hot. Take a look at the following few signs that show you are ready for that promotion:

1.You Feel You Are Getting Good At Your Current Job

A new job is always an exciting and a challenging idea; you may feel nervous about doing a task once, but then you find the strength to sail through it without making any mistakes. There comes a time when you start to feel confident enough to do almost anything. When you feel that no problem is big enough to scare you or make you nervous, you know you can take on a more challenging job and put your skills and experience to better use.

2.You Have A Good Reputation

Not everyone gets asked by the management to train the new employees. You are so good at your work that your colleagues ask for your advice at every step, and they look up to you when stuck in a problem. You have a reputation as a team player who makes effort to help the coworkers in their projects. If you feel your management counts on you and trust you blindly, then you know you need a promotion.

3.You Have Ideas But No Implementing Power

Do you feel impressed when you see your managers making all the big decisions? Do you think you can do that too without feeling the slightest bit confused or unsure? If you feel like giving your two cents on all the big decisions and projects at the office, then you know you are ready to commit to a bigger and more authoritative position.

4.You Are The Next Best Person After Your Boss

In the absence of your manager, are you the one put in charge? Do you see people asking for your opinions right after they consult the boss? The proudest moment for you would be when your boss puts his trust in you and feels comfortable leaving you in charge if he goes on a vacation or a sick leave. If everyone around you is happy to see you taking charge of things at work, then you very well know that this is your time to get promoted.

5.You Feel Well-Involved And Ambitious

You are a person who sets higher goals for himself. Going through regular company routine, you now see vision of the owner behind the establishment of this company. And, you are ready to get more involved into creating this a better place. You are ready to work harder for long hours to make the dream come true, and take your company to the heights of success. Do you feel the thrill of excitement when you think about making it all happen? If your answer is yes, then there should be no barrier between you and your promotion.

If you agree with the above mentioned points, then it is time to make the move now. Make an effort, and find a suitable time to have a meeting with your boss. You have to make it happen, don’t just wish and wait for it. Show you’re ready to be more committed to the company for a mutual progress.

Many thanks to guest blogger, Kristy Megan is a self-proclaimed career specialist with much of her expertise gained by working at the coursework buzz firm in the UK. Apart from her devotion to her career field, she’s also a passionate artist who loves everything creative.