Shweta Khare is the founder and president of Careerbright Career Coaching Services. She is passionate about helping career women who struggle with work-life balance issues and need help in re-entering the workforce after taking time off for personal reasons.

Shweta is the co-chairperson of the Career Resource Center at ICC in Milpitas, California, where she organizes and speaks at monthly career workshops and seminars. Author of an upcoming book for women who are re-entering the workforce, she specializes in coaching women are in career transition or struggling to re-enter the workforce after an employment history gap. Her blog has been listed as one of the best career sites by CHIMBY.

Shweta’s philosophy - Be the doer. Once you begin on your dream path, many doors and paths of opportunities open up to you which you never thought existed. The fence sitter will enjoy the scenery and judge without experience, the one who walks the path finds the success and enjoyment of achievement. It is just a choice – when are you ready to embark the journey towards reaching your satisfying, fulfilling life and career?