Company Overview
At LogistiCare, our mission is to empower passionate people to provide quality access to human and health care services through technology, innovation, and community partnerships while meeting commitments to our stakeholders.
Our relationships with clients, members, and the community are the foundation of our business, and we treat every interaction, program, and ride with compassion, respect, and a human touch. It’s the reason why more states trust us with their business and members than any other manager.
We value our client relationships with a heightened sense of responsibility that makes LogistiCare the long-term vendor of choice. In fact, many clients turn to us after being left in a predicament by a vendor that can’t deliver on their word. We work diligently to take on those programs—often in 30 days—and to turn problems into results. From the partnerships we forge to the members we serve, our values guide our journey.
Company Summary
Number of Employees
(404) 888-5924
1800 Phoenix Boulevard
College Park, GA