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Emergent Space Technologies, Inc. provides consulting and engineering services to the civil, commercial, and military space industry around our core competencies of spacecraft guidance, navigation and control, satellite ground systems, and space mission automation. Our domain expertise and experience, combined with our knowledge of current and emerging technology, make Emergent the small business team of choice in the aerospace industry.


Emergent Space Technologies, Inc. was founded in 2001 with the goal of bringing modern information technology to the aerospace industry. Our objective was to combine knowledge of emerging technologies from the web, Internet, e-commerce industries with our broad and deep space mission engineering experience to enable autonomous spacecraft operations. The initial market for our services was to be created by NASA's satellite formation and constellation missions.

As their launch dates moved further out, however, we trained our sights on rendezvous, proximity operations, and cislunar navigation for NASA's exploration and science missions. As we grew, we broadened our customer base to include other civil, commercial, and military customers, e.g., NOAA, Intelsat, and DARPA. Along the way, Emergent has experienced rapid growth, almost doubling in staff and revenue each year. While doing so, Emergent has achieved a high level of customer success and employee satisfaction.

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Emergent Space Technologies
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